Monday, April 7, 2014

Puerto Rico

Fun Things
Creating Cards

We have a wonderful new YW President here in our Caguas ward who just returned from her mission to Mexico 3 months ago.  She asked if Sister MB had any fun ideas. One suggested idea was making greeting cards that the girls could give out to members of the ward. The girls enjoyed the activity and you will notice in the photo that a couple of Sister Missionaries even joined in. They were all very creative with the cards and really enjoyed the evening. Also, the girls tried out their English skills and Sister MB tried out her Spanish. It was a fun evening.

After the Test
Part of our assignment here in Puerto Rico is to oversee the Companionship English Language Study Program. Two weeks ago we had a wonderful Elder from Guatemala who needed to take the Language Proficiency test before his departure from the mission. He was assigned in the city of Adjuntas but needed to take the test at the chapel (with high speed internet) in the city of Utuado. Last week we went up to transport him and his companion to the Utuado chapel. We were happy to do it, the only problem there is an extremely curving, winding, narrow road in between cities.  We made it, just a little dizzy when we got there! Good thing Elder NB was NOT dizzy when he was driving! Elder Delcompare did an excellent job on his test, he scored an “Advanced” score on the certificate we gave him. Gotta love those Elders!

Standing above the Dish
We were able to visit the Arecibo Observatory which is built into the mountains south of Arecibo, PR and is 1,000 feet in diameter. It is a radio telescope that has been in operation since 1963 and has made a number of important discoveries. The observatory has also been a couple of movies including a James Bond 007, the movie Contact and Species. It is a very impressive piece of engineering.