Sunday, March 3, 2013

From St Kitts

Branch Baptism
The weekend of February 23, 24th was very up-lifting because we were able to meet with and then witness the baptism of a wonderful young lady. The elders had been teaching her for some time before we arrived on St. Kitts and she had found out for herself that the church was true and decided to be baptized.

The mission presidency was not able to meet with her for a baptism interview so Elder Costley was asked to conduct the interview. Tonisha knows a lot about the gospel and where she is going in life. She passed the interview questions with flying colors – what a lovely young lady.

The baptism was performed at our branch building on Saturday morning by a young man who is a priest in the branch. Three missionaries were in attendance because Elder Turbo is now our zone leader and he came back for the baptism (and some other business matters). Quite a few branch members were in attendance to give their support to Tonisha. It is wonderful to see the branch growing, one soul at a time.
Tonisha’s confirmation was held in sacrament meeting on Sunday morning and was performed by a member of the branch presidency. A special blessing was given to her with good direction and promises made to our newest member of the branch.


  1. What a great experience for all involved!

  2. That's great that branch members did the baptizing and confirming. Congratulations to her! :)