Friday, August 2, 2013


Missionary Transfer

Hello from the beautiful island of Tortola, BVI. It has been really hot here and humid of course! Tropical storm ‘Dorius’ came through this week which upped the humidity a lot! It rained a lot more than usual but didn’t do any wind damage. We passed ‘Dorius’ on over to Puerto Rico with our greetings.

After 2 months here, we have adjusted to life on this island. As we have said before, it is a very VERTICAL island with a lot of our members living “High on a Mountain Top”! Also, basically it is just a hugh rock so nothing much grows here in the way of produce. We really miss the Saturday “Farmers Market” on St. Kitts where we could buy almost any fresh produce. I could even make my Zucchini Chowder there!

We wanted to send a photo of our fabulous Tortola “keyboard” students. Because school is out, we teach keyboard lessons during the day and then every evening (because most people work) we are visiting less-active members and investigators. Not everyone is always thrilled to see us but we always tell them how much they are missed and how much they are needed! Only Tortola and one other island does not have their own chapel, we really need to increase attendance so that they can get the chapel they deserve!!

Two weeks ago we lost our set of Elders and for the first time ever, two Sister missionaries arrived on our island. One is the trainer, Sister Parker, and the second is a BRAND NEW missionary, Sister Calderon from El Salvador. Sister Calderon doesn’t speak much English, which is hard on an English speaking island, but she is really coming along. She is so sweet and humble, she has a strong testimony and really seems to love the work. Both have been members for only two years. They come to our apartment every Monday morning to read their weekly emails and do their laundry. Tuesday mornings we have a “District” meeting together. Not a huge district (4) but a great district none the less!

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  1. What cute keyboarding students! What was the sash and crown about? Nice to see such happy, sweet, smiling faces.
    Every time I see the pictures of the scenery that you see on a daily basis, I want to immediately book my next vacation!! Then I see pictures of my sweet parents and I have my bags packed! Love and miss you both! Melissa