Thursday, October 3, 2013


Safe Harbor

June 2013
You may remember the first picture from our apartment’s view here in Tortola of Sir Francis Drake Channel and other BVI islands. To the right is a safe harbor that can be seen on the right hand side of the picture – it is called Paraquita Bay. This is a harbor used only during the hurricane season to keep the fleets of sail boats out of harm’s way when the serious winds and rain come. The series of pictures show, over time, how the number of boats increase as the hurricane season approaches.

July 2013
Most of these boats are used in the charter fleets and there are a bunch – we do not know how many charter companies there are but it is said that Tortola is the sailing capital of the Caribbean. As the summer gets hotter and the threat of bad weather increases, the charter services move their boats into our harbor. It is fun to watch from our balcony as they have to negotiate a shallow, narrow entry point into the bay. Some of the sail boats have to wait until a competent sailor is available to bring them through the shallows.

August 2013
After the threat of bad weather has passed, the boats sail back to their original docks and are prepared for the sailing season which starts in November.

It is fun to live with a “safe harbor” nearby. It is ever so much more special to have the gospel of Jesus Christ as the safe harbor of our lives. It has been a privilege to teach the Plan of Salvation to our investigators here in Tortola. We are so blessed to have the gospel; it is truly our “safe harbor”.
September 2013


  1. Great post. I love the connection you made between safe harbors and the gospel - beautiful. Wow, these pictures are breathtaking.

  2. There's the making of a great Sacrament Mtg. talk. Beautiful pictures. And fun to read about the progress on the island.

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  4. We have a mission call to San Juan for August--enjoyed reading your posts. Is there a way to contact you for mission advice?

    1. if you can respond to my email

    2. We would love to talk to you! I tried your email address but haven't heard back from you yet. You will love this mission!