Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Puerto Rico

Changes and More

Last week was sad because two of our fabulous “Senior” couples finished their mission and left us. We will really miss them! We were already sad because our wonderful mission president had to be released early because of some family health problems. President and Sister Smartt will be sorely missed by all the missionaries in the Puerto Rico San Juan mission. On a happier note, we are privileged to have Elder and Sister Zwick come to guide our mission until the new “permanent” mission president comes in July.

A few days ago we had an “All Mission” conference. President Zwick told us that soon there would be 90,000 missionaries serving in the world. Wow! He reminded us of the importance of humility and unity in all we do in “hastening  the work”. He stressed unity between companions, members, and investigators. He said that we need a culture of obedience in our mission, we need to serve with exactness and teach by our example. The people of Puerto Rico are praying for a temple of their own, with unity and hard work between members and the missionaries, that goal can be accomplished.

Sister Garcia in our Cagaus ward asked Sister MB to come and help the third graders at her school make greeting cards and especially a Mother’s Day card. The students at Escuela Elemental Pedro Millan Rivera were very enthusiastic and a lot of fun! We took two “young” sister missionaries along to help and it was just a great experience for all!


  1. Hi Sister Costley,
    This is Sister Eakle. Do you have any suggestions on shoes? I was looking at your pictures. It looks like sandals are okay for less formal occasions and low heeled pumps for dressier events. I have trouble wearing the ballet flats that most sister missionaries wear (my feet just fall out of them) so I wear medium heels at church usually, but I wouldn't want to wear heels all day. This will be new dressing up so much.

  2. So excited for you to come! Yes, sandals are permitted in this mission. I would also just bring the medium heeled shoes for other occasions that you feel comfortable wearing. One good thing about San Juan (and there are many), they have most "American" stores so you will be able to pick up anything you might need. Good Luck with packing!

  3. We not only sent our youngest off on his mission on Wednesday and packed for him, we sold our house and have been packing that as well. We moved nearly everything into storage today. There are still odds and ends of course. I've left out the things I want to take and a small suitcase to leave at my parents with winter clothes for when we return. Now I just need to give a talk tomorrow and clean the house for our May 30th closing. It's a lot to do in three weeks, but I think we will get it done. I can't believe I'm doing this!

  4. Hope that your talks went well today - now onto your next adventure! Where was your son going on his mission? You guys have a lot on your plate right now!
    Hope all goes well for you, I think you will love the MTC, I know we did. Good Luck!

  5. Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina--the southernmost mission in the world!