Monday, May 20, 2013

St Kitts

The past couple weeks have been special for us. We have had the opportunity to have family visit us here on St. Kitts and we have enjoyed their company. You must remember that our social life here is mainly between us and the two young elders on the island.

Our daughter Melissa and son-in-law, Brady stopped by St. Kitts on their way home from the Dominican Republic (they spent a w
eek there) the end of April. We say on their way home even though they spent the entire day trying to get here from there. We were able to show them a few places on the island – Brimstone Fort and Shipwreck Bay with its monkeys and beautiful beach. They were also able to shop for tourist stuff at Zante pier – pirate items sell well.

They were here for only a couple days but we were able to do some snorkeling while at Shipwreck. There is a small reef along the beach and the fish and starfish are neat to see.

After spending only a couple days with us (sadly) they left with full suit cases to make their way back home to Utah. It was so great to be with them.

This last week, Chad and Sheryl (brother and sister-in-law) came to visit and take some R&R. Chad is a bishop and needed some time to relax – no phone service here – it was great for him. Arrived Monday afternoon and left very early Saturday morning. They stayed with us and at the Marriott for a couple days. Visiting the pier and snorkeling at Shipwreck was on our agenda. Elder Costley really enjoys the home-made cheese burgers at Shipwreck – what a treat and the best on the island. Some branch members had suggested we take Chad & Sheryl to “Reggae Beach” on Friday night for Lobster Fest. You have to make reservations well in advance – which we did. It was indeed a feast and a wonderful way to end a visit.

Both sets of visitors were introduced to a few members of our branch and spent time visiting with them. We were so happy to have them visit us here – what a blessing for our branch members to meet other members of the true church.

There is an on-going open invitation for you to visit us anytime!


  1. We had such a great time with you! We can't wait to hear where you will be transferred in June so we can start planning our next trip!! Thanks for taking such good care of us while we were there. Brady misses your delicious cupcakes ;0. We love you!!

  2. How fun for you! My parents have really enjoyed their visitors to the mission as well. :)

  3. It was so fun to spend time with Elder & Sister Costley and meet some of the members in St. Kitts. Nolan & Mary are well loved for their service and it was great to see what mission life is all about. We were treated like royalty and could not have had a better time...great fun, great food and great company! The island is beautiful and we loved every minute :) Thanks for everything~
    Much love,
    Chad & Sheryl

  4. How fun that you had such great visitors! It is fun to see pictures of you two and of Melissa and Brady. I can't believe it- all this time I thought I was subscribed to your blog and that you just weren't blogging! I have some catching up to do! I'm excited to read about all you are doing. Mary - you look fantastic!! Love you guys!