Friday, June 21, 2013


We are on the move and have been transferred from St Kitts, West Indies to the island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  We are out near the east end of the island in another apartment that has a fabulous view of the Caribbean Sea – check it out.

Tortola has a population of about 25,000 and a church membership of about 120.Tortola doesn’t have its own chapel, the branch uses a rented building in the main part of Road Town. We are on the island with a set of young elders – one of which we served with on St Kitts. The Tortola Branch has sent out four missionaries of their own with two others soon to serve in NY and the Dominican Republic. A seventh missionary is waiting for his call. WOW! All from this small branch. We have a number of dedicated families here that love the gospel and have sent their children into the world to share it.

Our apartment is one of six in the building that is set up on a hill and overlooks a safe harbor (during hurricane season) called Paraquita Bay. The best view is of Sir Francis Drake Channel – this is where the cruise ships maneuver as they are coming into the main port of Road Town. Across the channel is a view of Peter Island – a private island where we wish some of you would come and stay for a week and we would slip over to visit – check it out at

MB had started teaching piano keyboard lessons on St Kitts and continues to do so here. The YM/YW are pretty good at it. They also lead the music on Sunday. They are a joy to work with. It was really hard to leave the sweet branch members on St. Kitts but we know we will grow to love and appreciate the members here on Tortola.
Picture of the main port city of Road Town, Tortola from the hills above.

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