Friday, January 11, 2013

From MTC

Farewell to the MTC

 We have had a great week of training at the MTC. The total group of senior missionaries going through this week is 81 – 40 couples and a single sister. The majority of the group are assigned as ‘Member, Leader Support’ like us with Office and Temple couples making up the next biggest group. We are all going to the far corners of the world.

Our training has consisted of understanding ‘Preach My Gospel’ and how to use it in our assignments. Our trainers are excellent returned missionaries and they have made the experience fun. We have had the opportunity to roll play teaching situations with investigators – just a little bit stressful – if you know what I mean. But all in all we have been well trained.

What a great time to be with the young missionaries for our morning and evening meals. They are so kind to us and they carry a great spirit. There is a ton of them and they look so young (compared to us!)

We are so grateful for an excellent MTC experience, what a great start to our mission! The above photo is of our small district and our excellent trainer. We are going to Hungry, Finland, Chile and Puerto Rico and have different assignments once we arrive.

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