Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Puerto Rico

What a difference a day makes!
The Costleys have arrived in Puerto Rico! What a treat after the winter blasts of Utah. It is around 85° in the daytime, dipping to 75° at night – the natives think it is COLD!  We think it is great. Check the pictures – what a difference a day makes!
Monday was a long day flying from SLC through Dallas to Puerto Rico – the transfer in Dallas was made in the nick of time and the plane was full. We were the last ones to get on the plane and had trouble finding a place for both our carry-on bags inside the cabin.

We arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico after 7 p.m. and met our supervising couple at the airport. We saw the lights of the city but not much of the city itself on our drive to their home for the night.

Today we met Pres. Alvarado, our mission president, what a nice man. We look forward to serving with him. He has assigned us to start our mission on the island of St. Kitts – WOW! We will fly there on Thursday.
We are happy that we arrived safely and we are looking forward to begin our mission on St. Kitts.


  1. It is true indeed! What a difference a day makes. This is a fun-in-the-sun mission!!Hope you are adjusting nicely to the weather and surroundings. Let us know when you arrive on St. Kitts and how we can get ahold of you there. Love you tons and miss you already, Melissa

  2. St. Kitts is so beautiful! This is your reward for lives well lived. I think we should have said better good-byes, because I'm not sure you'll ever want to come home.
    Tom's dreaming about coming to visit you! Pretty good, considering he's spent the last 2 weeks on death's door with influenza.
    I'll be looking forward to following this blog.
    Love, Kathi

  3. Oh my goodness, you got to stay at the Marriot, and now you get to go to St. Kitts! I am so excited for you and I know you'll be working hard. I wish I could have seen you before you left, but I am excited to follow your blog!

  4. Glad to know you are going to a mission where you will experience lots of joy and you get to share the gospel as well. I loved the picture of your family Guy and Marnines daughters are almost teens now, and Camille's son is tall. I wish you the very best success in doing the Lord's work. Love you, Connie

  5. Hi Mary and Nolan,
    We are so excited for your mission. You both are such great examples to all of us. We have loved our mission here in Hawaii and hope to return to the MTC in the Fall to finish our two years left on our calling there. We look forward to reading your blog. Here is our blog if you don't have it. arnieandcheriemission.blogspot.com
    We send you our love and prayers. What a beautiful family you have!

  6. I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences on this second mission. I'm thankful that my mom told me about this new blog. Thank you for the good example with your willingness to continue your missionary service. Best wishes for a smooth transition into your first assignment. :)