Saturday, January 19, 2013

From St Kitts

A Room with a View
We arrived Thursday in St. Kitts Nevis. St. Kitts (St. Christopher) is named after Christopher Columbus who first claimed the island for Spain. Nevis is a nearby island and the two of them make up their own country. The total population of both is about 70,000. They have their own currency which is EC (Eastern Caribbean Dollar). You travel to Nevis by ferry. There are members of the church on Nevis but they meet there in their own little group meetings – dependent on the branch in St. Kitts. We have been told that we might spend a week there occasionally.

Friday after we unpacked our bags, we jumped in the car, filled it up with expensive gas and spent 1 ½ hours driving around the whole island. We only missed one turn and ended up in some farmer’s yard on this adventure. We backtracked a bit then made it back to our apartment without another problem.

On St. Kitts there is just one set of young elders and one senior couple (us!) On Friday they took us around to visit four families comprised of investigators or less actives that they are going to pass on to us to teach. We have appointments with all four next week.

We feel so lucky to be living on this tropical island and in this beautiful apartment with a view of the ocean out our front door.


  1. Wow! Nice apartment and view. Best wishes for successful appointments with those four families next week. :)

  2. What a beautiful house and scenery from your front porch. I know you have a while to go on your mission but it will be hard to leave such warm, tropical surroundings. Love you- super missionaries!! Melissa

  3. We are so happy for your new assignment. What a beautiful place to serve. Sounds like the missionaries have you working already. Know you are in our daily prayers. We send you our love.

  4. Well, you are there and living in such a beautiful place. Wow...I hope it proves to be another great mission for you two. It's wonderful you had the financial means to serve once again. Love, Kay

  5. Happy Valentine's to you two. It's a little late but didn't want you think I had forgotten. Hope you are getting everything unpacked and enjoying your mission. Love, Kay

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