Monday, January 28, 2013

From Nevis

Adventure to Nevis

Our Branch President, Pres. G., asked us to go over to Nevis to spend a few days, check on the members there and talk in sacrament meeting. On Saturday we took the car ferry over. It was quite an adventure to see how many cars, one truck, one motorcycle, and pedestrians they could get on the ferry. We counted 14 vehicles. They were wedged in like sardines. The trip lasted about 30 minutes. When the ferry docks everyone zips off in a matter of minutes and then there is a line of vehicles waiting to drive on and take the ferry back to St. Kitts.

There is a senior missionary apartment on Nevis and that is where we stayed. It is not occupied by any missionaries right now so the group Sunday services are held there. The second counselor in the St. Kitts/Nevis branch is going to medical school on Nevis so he conducted our meeting on Sunday. He and his wife are fabulous. There were 9 members present, including us. It was such a sweet and tender meeting, we just loved it. While we were there we checked on some families for Pres. G. and looked up some investigators that the young elders had previously taught. There will be a senior couple coming in Feb. so we will update them on the members there and I’m sure they will build up the branch tremendously.  It was a great trip!


  1. You are already having quite the adventures! What sweet looking members on Nevis! Can't imagine what church would be like with only 9 members present. I'm sure they don't take their meetings for granted and maake the most of their time together. Your faces looked the sweetest in the picture though! Love ya and miss ya!! Melissa

  2. Thanks you for sharing your experiences. We love to read about them.
    May the Lord continue to guide and direct you as you serve. What humble people.